A Colorful House

by Mark in Architecture, Decorating

Colorful House - exterior

Color plays an important role in our lives, whether we talk about clothing, gastronomy, architecture or interior design.

Therefore, colors can change our perception we have on sizes of different objects or spaces, and more importantly, they can induce a certain state of optimism and cheerfulness. Or, on the contrary...

Even more so, the importance of colors has been known since antiquity, when different medical conditions were treated using chromotherapy.

Many people are reserved when it comes to decorating their house and they prefer to go for tone maps that are as common as possible.

That's not the case for interior designer Kristy Kropat, who encourages us to dare to use vibrant colors in our houses and lives. As she likes to put it, we should focus on what we like and think less of what others would like to see.

After all, home is a reflection of our personality; it is a space in which we spend a part of our time and we should feel wonderful. The expression "to feel at home" is there for a reason!

And where else can the decorators put their own ideas into practice if not in their own home? Therefore, we thought of presenting you some images with Kristy's home. We hope they will inspire you and stimulate you to experiment with your chromatic preferences in your own homes.

Colorful House - porch Colorful House - garden Colorful House - entry door

The theme of the faded mosaic covering the chimney wall is also found in the kitchen in the case of the ceramic tiles, but changing blue with orange, resulting an unitary aspect of the living space.

Colorful House - living Colorful House - kitchen Colorful House - living space

The richness of colors is found throughout the home, even in the children's room, stimulating their creativity and tricksiness.

Colorful House - living room Colorful House - living room Colorful House - children room Colorful House - children room

In the master bedroom we find the same vivid colors and generous depositing spaces under the bed.

Colorful House - bedroom

Here is a clever way of concealing the tiny desk arranged in the living room.

Colorful House - home office

Photo: Mark Lohman