A Holiday-Like Design

by Mark in Architecture, Decorating

Summer decoration

Photo: Tobi Fairley Interior Design

It is summer already and everybody's thinking about the relaxing spare time. Since our holiday is always too short, it's best to recreate the summer atmosphere of relaxation and fun right in our homes.

That's why we thought that the following selection of images could inspire you.

Blue reminds us of summer, be it of the cerulean summer sky, ocean's waves, or just of the swimming pool. A soft blue induces calm and relaxation, and it fits perfectly not only in our bedroom or bathroom, but also in our kitchen or livingroom.

Nautical decor

Photo: Janet Palk

Holiday decor

Photo: Kim Macumber Interiors

Holiday decor

Photo: Janet Palk

Marine decor for bed

Photo: Sam Gray

Marine decor in bathroom

Photo: Kristina Crestin Design

Holiday decor

Photo: Steve Passmore

Blue kitchen

Photo: Emilie Perruchet

White and blue kitchen

Photo: Dillon Kyle Architecture

Marine decor in livingroom

Photo: Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Holiday decor in livingroom

Photo: Tom Stringer

Colours that remind us of the sand on the beach are yet another perfect fit for summer designs.

Beach decor

Photo: Workshop/APD

Holiday decor

Photo: Annie Kelly

Curtains, carpets, blankets, decorative pillows with navy elements are other options for creating this summer vibe in your home.

Sea decor in bedroom

Photo: Bountiful

A couple of framed photos or even objects such as sea shells, pebble pieces, or pine tree cones will definitely help you relive your most memorable and wonderful holiday moments.

Marine colors

Photo: Horchow

Nautical livingroom decoration

Photo: George Interior Design

You can extend this summer design on your terrace or balcony.

Porch holiday decoration

Photo: Bountiful

How do you envision your home design this summer?