A House Made of Stone and Glass - An Old and New Symbiosis

by Nick in Architecture

Many times we think of old stone buildings as cold and perhaps dark spaces. One could probably think that a 15th-century building is nothing else but ruins.

But sometimes, olden buildings come to life. This is the case for a 15th-century stone barn that the architects from MOOARC transformed in a beautiful home, in which modern glass and old stone walls amalgamate the old and new.

The La Concha House is located on Guernsey Island, no too far away from the coast of Normandy, where the mild climate (without a scorching sun) allowed the design of big windowpanes. These weather conditions also enabled the use of ceiling windows on almost the entire length of the roof area. Therefore, natural light makes the interior comfortable throughout the year.

On the ground floor there's the kitchen and the eating area, from where a sliding door enables access to the garden. The living room is located higher up, on the mezzanine floor.

The bedrooms and bathroom, placed in the back of the house, have a glass wall, which creates a visual portal to the garden.

Probably, the most spectacular use of glass in arranging this house was the glass floor.