A House "Rounded Into Shape" by the Wind

by Nick in Architecture

House wind

The vegetation on the barrier islands along Sarasota Bay, Florida, was influenced by the winds coming from west. Thus the character of the live oaks have been an inspiration for this guesthouse designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects.

The owner of the house wanted a design that came near to the idea of "a tree house" and which would naturally blend in with the environment. The result was an interesting house with curves that abides the laws of organic architecture.

House wind

The house includes a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room with kitchen and an attic living space. The shape of the roof wards off any indiscreet peeks of the neighbours living on the northern part of the property.

House wind

The large windows offer spectacular views of the trees and water on the southern and western sides. The laminated pine beams arch over the entire space just like oak branches and blur the usually rigid line between the wall and the roof.

House wind House wind House wind House wind House wind House wind Photo: Sweet Sparkman Architects