A Modern House in a Historical Building

by Mark in Architecture, Decorating

Modern livingroom

We would like to present you with a very interesting makeover and restyling project of a rather damaged Victorian house built in San Francisco at the end of the 19th century.

The architects from John Maniscalco Architecture found the project challenging, mainly due to the age of the building and to the fact, that its historical facade was protected and had to be preserved.

Before and After renovation

Front view BEFORE and AFTER renovation

Another challenge posed by this construction, was the form and placement of the house, which excluded the possibility of building in wide windows through which light could easily permeate the house, just like the owners had wanted.

Under these circumstances, the architects came up with a brilliant solution: they set up an inner courtyard that would connect all the chambers from both floors. Not only did the owners got natural lighting in the entire house, but also access to their small intimate nature's corner that would have been impossible to obtain in such a cramped urban landscape.

Before and After renovation

We hope the images below do the project justice, and who knows, maybe set an example for those owners of historically preserved buildings who can't wait for their houses to get in a state of disuse just to justify their demolition.

Modern livingroom Livingroom Modern dining room Dining room Modern kitchen Modern stairs Stairs Modern bedroom Home office Modern bathroom Inner courtyard Modern indoor garden Inner cortyard from bedroom Exterior garden

Photo: Sharon Risedorph