Ecology and Modernism - A Half-Buried House with Walls of Glass

by Nick in Architecture

Semi-buried house

Edgeland House, built by Bercy Chen Studio LP, is located on redeveloped ground and is a reinterpretation of one of the oldest styles of North American homes, namely the Native American buried homesteads.

These houses use the soil's thermal energy to best maintain a constant temperature indoors, one that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Semi-buried house

Forty new native species of plants and wild flowers were reintroduced into the natural circuit by building the green roof. The house uses a hydraulic system for both heating and cooling.

Semi-buried house

From an aesthetic viewpoint, Edgeland House blends in with the environment, and can be seen as an extension of the scenery. The house is made of two separate pavilions, one being the living area and the other one being dedicated to the bedrooms. Access between the two is made only from the outdoors.

Semi-buried house Semi-buried house Semi-buried house Semi-buried house Semi-buried house Photo: Bercy Chen Studio LP