From Classic to Ultramodern in a Fascinating House

by Mark in Architecture, Decorating

Classic House

We are often tempted to judge people by what visually strikes us about them, which has proven to be completely erroneous time after time. That would probably be the case when judging the houses we pass by on the street.

After a quick glance at the facade of a house we, could easily engage in a game of make-believe through which we build and decorate everything behind its walls. Well, the house we are about to present you shows us how erroneous this endeavor is.

The front porch, with ornaments sculpted in wood, completes perfectly the image of a stylish urban abode in the most traditional style.

But as soon as you step inside, an entire different world unravels. Open spaces full of dynamics, glass walls, modern materials and textures, furniture and decorations with minimalist lines - everything pieces together to form an ultramodern interior design that was intended for comfort and practicality.

The walnut wood flooring at the entrance - a sort of a bridge between classic and modern, old and new, which we notice in the furniture as well - leaves room for the polished concrete that gives away an interior with industrial highlights.

From Classic to Ultramodern House From Classic to Ultramodern House Living Ultramodern House Living Ultramodern House

On a wall in the living room there is a modern wine bar that can house up to 300 wine bottles.

Wine bar

The kitchen and bathroom are made of shapes, materials, colors, and minimalist lines that define the entire lounge area.

Kitchen Ultramodern House Kitchen Ultramodern House Kitchen Bathroom Ultramodern House

The small area available around the house brought about many limitations. But these did not hinder the architects to find remarkable solutions, such as transforming a desolate area into a small swimming pool.

Exterior Ultramodern House Pool Ultramodern House Ultramodern House Pool

A roof window adds natural lighting to the lounge area.

Roof window

We began the story of this house on the traditional front porch and we will symbolically end it on another porch, one leading to the small garden behind the house. Although the material is the same traditional wood, the image is as modern and unconventional as it gets - it is completely different from what it used to be before the process of modernization.

Exterior Ultramodern House Ultramodern House - Exterior Ultramodern House - Patio Ultramodern House - Gardem

Owing to the sliding doors, the interior and exterior spaces unify whenever the owners desire to engage with nature.

Ultramodern House - Porch

If you were wondering where this lovely abode is situated, know that it is in Melbourne. The talent and creativity of the Australian architects - in this case, those from Dig Design - is no longer surprising for obvious reasons.


Photo: Dig Design