Green Houses - A Uniquely-shaped Cob House

by Mark in Architecture

Cob House Living

Cob houses were not long ago associated with the poorest of the poor and are now trending among the young and well-informed public.

Besides the financial advantages, which cannot be overseen neither during the construction and afterwards in the maintenance of the house, cob houses are appreciated first and foremost because they are ecological. Since it is a local, natural material, with great insulation properties and minimal processing demands, the clay enables the development of natural homes with a healthy interior atmosphere and with a minimum impact on the environment.

The project, we are about to show you, exhibits another quality of the clay: flexibility. Building a cob house allows owners to imagine unique and inconceivable shapes for a classic construction.

This is what made cob specialists from CobWorks and Cob Cottage Company, who designed and built the charming house on the Canadian island of Mayne. There were also hardworking volunteers eager to learn the ropes of clay structures and who contributed to the construction of this cob house.

Cob House - exterior

The house - built on 55 square meters on two levels - was finished in 1999 in less than a year and it was considered the first authorized cob house in Canada at the time.

In order to build and finish the house they used the following local raw materials: clay, wood, and stone.

From walls to built-in furniture, the shapes are all fluid, natural, the lines and the corners are almost non-existent.

The interior is bright; the windows are generously distributed without destroying the support of the clay walls that buttress the weight of the roof.

Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - dormitor Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - living Cob House - interior Cob House - interior Cob House - interior

An annex houses a furnace and shaped benches - they're made of clay, obviously.

Cob House - interior Cob House - interior

For those who want to experience life in a natural home, this enchanting cob house is available for rent for almost $100 a night here.