How to Decorate Your Home in Black and White

by Mark in Decorating, Ideas

Black and white decoration

Photo: Lisa Petrole

Your choice of colours is one of the most important and exciting aspects when decorating your home.

We usually hear that a certain colour or combination of colours is trendy this or that particular year. But colour trends come and go, and a few of us can afford to keep up with the fashion, let alone interior design trends.

The classic black and white combination will never be obsolete, and you can easily associate it with any interior design style. What's more, with a few inexpensive tricks, black and white can easily combine with another colour of your choice that's in the trends.

Decorating in black and white implies some risks. If the proportions and the way in which they are combined aren't well thought of, the results can be either tiring or boring, thus lacking in the harmony that we desire in our homes.

We hope that the following images inspire you in your own projects.

Black and white entry

Photo: Sam Gray

Black and white staircase decorating

Photo: Sam Gray

Black and white dining decoration

Photo: Sean Michael Design

Black and white kitchen

Photo: Emery & Associates Interior Design

Black and white dining

Photo: Ramsey Interiors

Black and white classic kitchen

Photo: Cook Architectural Design Studio

Black and white modern kitchen

Photo: Jessica Lagrange Interiors

Black and white entryway

Photo: Landmark Photography

Black and white bathroom

Photo: Emery & Associates Interior Design

Black and white livingroom decoration

Photo: Lisa Petrole

Black and white home office

Photo: Lisa Petrole

Black and white livingroom

Photo: SchappacherWhite Architecture

The intense red of the fireplace and the mirror frame add a touch of romance in this glamorous black and white bedroom.

Black, white, red bedroom

Photo: Moda Italy

Black, white, red bathroom

Photo: Kohler

The yellow colour spectrum is another well inspired option for livening up a black and white design.

Black, white, yellow decoration

Photo: Vanessa De Vargas

Black, white, yellow bathroom

Photo: K Kong Designs

Black and white has a great impact even when it comes to the exterior design of the house. The window frames and doors, the downpipes and ditches, even roof tiles painted black will undoubtedly create an elegant look in contrast to the white walls.

Black and white facade

Photo: LDa Architecture & Interiors