How to Style up a Small Bathroom

by Mark in Decorating, Ideas

Small bathroom decorating ideas

Photo: Burlington Bathrooms

Be it a small bathroom in a flat or a new one you desire to build in a former closet, under the stairs, in the attic chamber or in a corner of your room, small bathrooms require extra attention to be both functional and aesthetic.

Here are some ideas that we hope to be helpful:

Use light properly

Every small room demands natural light. Spaces with big window panes give the illusion of spaciousness. Special attention should be given to the balance of the room, since windows which are too big can take up too much space!

Small bathroom in an attic

Photo: Muraca Design

If the bathroom is in an attic space, the roof windows would be the best choice.

Mirrors are just like windows so, if possible, cover an entire wall with a mirror to create the illusion of a larger space.

As for lighting, opt for built-in halogen spots. They don't take much space and can properly imitate natural lighting.

Create a focal point

You won't be able to set up your entire furniture or decorations that you were targeting in the showrooms. And you don't have to!

It's enough to introduce only one main attraction for your bathroom to look spectacular. It can be stained glass, a pattern on ceramic tiles, a stone, glass or copper washbasin, or a faucet with a unique design.

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Simon Maxwell

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: LiLu Interiors

Be inventive with the space

Identify all the corners and spaces that could be used for storage and use them! Every nook and cranny could become the perfect storage place for cleaning detergents that are needed for every bathroom, irrespective of its size. Do the same for towel holders.

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Smith&Vansant Architects

Use custom made or built in furniture to fill up the space as well as you can.

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: False Creek Design Group

Use the vertical space, so that the bathroom floor remains wider and more spacious.

  • Replace the classic radiators with heated towel rails. They are narrower and you can use them for your towels.
  • If you need to use your bathroom to dry your clothes, hanging your clothes drier from the ceiling seems like the best option.
  • Opt for a shower instead of a bath tub, especially if you use your bath tub as a shower.

A washbasin on a platform or console won't take that much space as one built in on a counter would. There are washbasins specially made for small bathrooms, including washbasins fixed on a corner, if that's your only option.

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Niche Interiors

Use colours

Together with light, colours have a powerful impact on the design of a bathroom, whether we are talking about walls, floor or furniture.

Use bright colours. A light aquamarine, a pale yellow or even white are far better for a small bathroom.

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Cameron Snyder

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Benedict August

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Barnes Design

Although it's advisable to combine colours, if the bathroom is too small too many colours can make it seem even smaller. Try to use maximum two colours.

  • Did you know that ceramic tiles with diagonal setting give the illusion of spaciousness?
  • Did you know that the best setting for a long but narrow bathroom is to put the washbasin, toilet, and shower on the same wall?

As proof that designers and manufacturers are preoccupied with finding the best solutions for small bathrooms, we want to show you a modular bathroom. The toilet, washbasin, toilet tank, shower, and some drawers for storage are set up vertically. The user has to select whatever s/he needs!

Small bathroom ideas

Photo: Design Odyssey

With all these decorating ideas for a small bathroom, surely your bathroom won't look that small!