Office Place and Cozy Home in Just 45 Square Meters? Yes, this is Possible!

by Mark in Architecture, Decorating


For many of us, working and living in the same place is a necessity. But how can we create the cozy atmosphere of our dream home, as well as the functionality of an office, when the space put at our disposal is of just 45 square meters? The answer can be found if the architect's imagination works together with the preferences of the customer.

The apartment presented to you in this article is the living proof. Its set-up and furnishing was accomplished by architects from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. The target of the restyle and redecoration process was clearly established from the very beginning: creating essential living areas - a cooking space, a bathroom part, a storage space and a sleeping one - and keeping everything as plain, simple, neat and airy as possible.

To accomplish this challenge, the architects took advantage of the generous height of the room from the central area: this allowed them to set up a beautiful sleeping space which has, underneath, a built-in closet. Thus, they didn't just saved space, but also created an interesting boundary between the day and the night zone. The optimal usage of the space is hidden in every little detail, from the ladder whose every footstep contains a tiny drawer, to the shelves used for displaying different decorative objects.

Stair The glossy white furniture from the study room or the mirror placed right between the two windows are, as well, elements meant to enhance the spaciousness feeling. Livingroom It is then noticeable the inventive usage of the wood in the living room area, aimed to warm and personalize the ambient. The final result is a modern space, functional and flexible, picturing the lifestyle of its owners and folding on their needs. Bedroom Livingroom Home office Kitchen Kitchen Bathroom Bathroom Home plan Home plan Home plan Photo: Frank Oudeman, Sean Karns