The House that Travelled the World's Seas

by Nick in Architecture, Decorating


Whenever we imagine a house lost in the woods we most likely think of a wooden construction, maybe with a stone foundation, fitted out as rustic as possible, or even with some modern accents.


What would it be like, if instead of wood, stone, and bricks among the trees there would be shipping containers? We would probably think it's a makeshift construction used for storage or for temporary shelter for floaters.


Savannah Project creation of Architect PSP contradicts this impression. The mentioned house (yes, we can call it a "house") was made of two shipping containers and it can serve as a comfortable home for a couple. What's more, we can label it as a "green house" and as a low-budget home (even though the house was more or less inspired painted blue) since it's made of recycled containers.


The entrance into the house is directed from the front wooden porch through a gliding door in between the two containers. Once inside, one notices that the house is more comfortable, modern, and roomier than expected. By cutting some portions of the container sidewalls the architects created an open space for the dining and kitchen areas, which have access to an outdoor terrace.

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